Restructuring our core business

Ahead of our first birthday as The France Hopper Company at the end of March, we’ve decided it’s time to restructure the company. When we changed from ai|inc to The France Hopper Company a year ago, small business solutions were our primary business. While we remain committed to helping small business grow by providing IT services, our core business has shifted to digital content. The France Hopper Network has seen readership double and now has more regular readers than all previous years combined. It was also available in Apple News on day one of its public launch. The France Hopper Channel has expanded its content offerings and has become our most profitable business division.

And so, we’re changing a few things. Content creation is now our primary line of business, but our IT services division will live on under the new branding of France Hopper Solutions. We’re also launching France Hopper Holdings to manage our digital investments. The France Hopper Company will be changing from the name of our IT services division to referencing all of our business divisions as a whole.

Today, The France Hopper Company is:

  • The France Hopper Network
  • The France Hopper Channel
  • France Hopper Solutions
  • France Hopper Holdings

Later this year, we plan to add France Hopper Transport to the company as we begin developing applications for Portland’s public transportation network.

For our existing partners, there will be no changes to the services we provide however, you may begin to see them listed under other names on your invoices. These changes are effective February 29th.